Current Workshops

Full Day Fall Foliage Workshop – Choose from Oct 29th and Nov 5th

We have partnered with FIND Outdoors to offer unprecedented access to two of the most popular locations in the North Georgia mountains during peak leaf season. This all-day workshop will allow you take colorful images of waterfalls, woodlands, and mountain peaks, along with some editing instruction. The workshop begins at 7:00 AM and ends at 8:30 PM with a break in the middle of the day. The workshop includes:

  • Beginning at 7:00 AM, you will have two hours of exclusive access to Anna Ruby Falls. If you have ever been to this iconic location during the fall, you know that there can be hundreds of people there at any given time. Our workshop will have sole access to the stream and waterfall for two hours, giving you ample time to compose many different photos without worrying about the general public walking through your shots. After a few hours of photography we will have a light breakfast at the visitor center
  • Next we will take a break where you can head off to take some photos at a variety of locations that Jason and Chris will recommend
  • We will reconvene at 2:30 in the Brasstown Bald parking lot, where a short hike will take us to the Wagon Train Trail for some woodland photography. The gorgeous fall colors along with old trees, beautiful ferns, and one of the only cloud forests in the southeast United States will make for very memorable photography
  • At 4:30 we will be back at the parking lot where all of us can drive our cars all the way to the top, making access to your gear and other things very easy. Once at the tower (the ideal sunset location will be roped off for workshop participants) we will photograph magic hour, the sunset, and blue hour. 
  • Finally we will eat a light dinner up at the tower while post-processing some of our photos from the day. Jason and Chris will show you how to edit your waterfall and sunset photos to really make them pop!

Cost per participant, which includes two meals and photography at three separate locations: $299. This workshop will be offered on two different days (October 29th and November 5th) and registration for both is available here.

Fall Foliage Waterfall Adventure – Nov 2nd
Only 1 Spot Left!

Jason and I are excited to announce a small-group waterfall adventure workshop that will take you to hidden, tucked away locations in the Ocoee Valley of Tennessee. This is more of an adventure-based outing and will take us through streams, over boulders, and up and down steep hills. You will come away with images that very few others have ever taken, due to the secluded and hidden location that very few know about. Just two hours from downtown Atlanta, this little-known trail (3 miles, roundtrip) will lead us to multiple stunning waterfalls that we should have all to ourselves. Along with the vibrant colors of fall, the rushing water will make for gorgeous photographs. Since the group is limited to 8 people, Jason and I will have plenty of time to work with each of you individually to perfect your long exposures, compositions, and post-processing which will lead to some truly beautiful images. The 6-hour workshop includes:

  • Meet at 7:00 to begin the hike so we can photograph the waterfalls beginning at sunrise. The hike includes walking through water as well as up and down steep hills, so it is not for those with mobility problems
  • Photograph multiple waterfalls throughout the morning, focusing on unique compositions and maximizing the fall color
  • Jason and I will spend lots of time with each one of you throughout the morning, giving you instruction on a variety of topics
  • Some advanced techniques, like focus stacking, will be demonstrated
  • Afterwards we will do some post-processing instruction that shows you how to make your waterfall images come alive

Cost is $239 per person and includes snacks. Registration is available here on this website (an initial deposit of $120 is taken to hold your spot). 

Capture swirling bubbles at one waterfall

Watch our YouTube episode below if you would like to see how beautiful this location is. 



Invest in Yourself

It’s an amazing feeling when you get good enough at photography to fill your home or apartment with prints that you took and can be proud of. Photography is a lifelong skill, and a single workshop can significantly improve your ability to take beautiful photos for decades to come.

Jason Clemmons from JMC Artistic Photography and I are offering workshops at some of the most beautiful locations in the Georgia mountains and beyond. Each workshop is unique and covers a variety of topics ranging from beginner to advanced level techniques.

You receive instruction on a variety of areas that are customized based on your abilities, background knowledge, equipment, and personal goals. In addition to taking photos in beautiful locations, we include a post-processing clinic that showcases many of the techniques that you can use in Lightroom (and Photoshop in advanced clinics) to really make your work come alive. This is very rare, as most field-based workshops do not include editing instruction during the same workshop.

Many of our workshops are small-group instruction, so you have ample time to ask questions and receive personalized attention throughout the workshop. I also include some instruction on aerial imaging, just in case you have been curious about expanding your knowledge with drone photography.

Jason and I offer a selection of workshops in a variety of locations, and we have also partnered with FIND Outdoors to offer workshops to an even broader audience. The result is a range of opportunities for you to enhance your skills, on location at some of the prettiest places in the Southeast. We guarantee that at the end of the day, there will be a noticeable improvement in what you can do with a camera.


Past Workshops

September 20 Sunrise on Brasstown Bald

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June 19, 2020 Waterfalls and Sunsets Sold out!!

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second August Astro Workshop on Brasstown Bald Sold Out!!



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Workshop Cancellation Policy

We have realized that it can be very subjective when it comes to what kind of weather we have, if it will allow for the photography the participants are seeking, and if we should offer some kind of refund if the weather is poor. Instead of us having to make this judgement call, we have decided to let our participants decide the level of risk they want to take when it comes to the weather. If 4 days out from a workshop you think the weather looks too rainy or too cloudy for you to enjoy your time, then you can get some or all of your money back. Our workshop cancellation policy is:

  • 14 or more days from workshop – full refund
  • 3-14 days from workshop – 1/2 refund and full refund if we can fill your spot
  • 3 or less days from workshop – no refund

If weather conditions become too dangerous for the workshop to be held, we will cancel the workshop and issue a full refund to participants. This means heavy lightning or ice/snow.

We honestly feel that, unless conditions are dangerous, you will learn a lot no matter what the weather is. If you are seeking a sunset but instead get fog, we will work with you to create moody, ethereal images instead. Landscape photography and weather work as a team, and as a photographer you work with what Mother Nature gives you.