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I have created video content for many years now, but my development of the brand new Emmy-nominated TV show View Finders has really elevated my skillset when it comes to planning, filming, and editing professional video content for public consumption. The show allowed me to upgrade my gear to professional-grade as well as spend hundreds of hours increasing my knowledge of media production, color grading, and storytelling. The result? I have formed HayBro Media (named after my two little boys) which is a full-service video production company that offers compelling and beautiful video (and photography) at a reasonable rate.

From music videos to Hulu ads, I create a rich aesthetic that is beautiful, engaging, and spans across all platforms from social media to web to broadcast television. I have the knowledge, skills, and creative eye to bring content to life for you.

Even better, I can do it at a lower price point than production studios because my overhead is very low. When needed, I can bring on a second or even third camera man, but typically I will do all of the filming, editing, and planning while ensuring I work with you to maintain your creative vision for the project. Here are just a few examples of my work so you can get an idea of what your project might look like.


Made in Oconee | Episode 6 Harden Hill Honey

Not all honey is created equal, and bee expert James Alexander shares what makes his process so unique. Harden Hill Honey is located in Watkinsville but features hives throughout the state of Georgia that help to produce a wide variety of some of the best honey in the world. Learn all about James’ sophisticated approach to harvesting some of the best honey you will EVER try.


Made in Oconee | Episode 5 Happy Valley Pottery

An art community that began in the 1970s has been home to famous artists for over 5 decades. In this latest installment of the Made in Oconee series, hear from Kathy Chappelle and Joe Callaway to learn why this tucked away farm is such an integral part of the Oconee art community.


Made in Oconee | Episode 4 Empire South

In this episode of Made in Oconee, we talk Derek and Kari about their highly popular clothing company that got its start in Oconee County. Their original brand Peach State Pride led to a full blown retail store which has expanded into several other locations.


Made in Oconee | Episode 3 Watkinsville Wine

In the latest episode of the Made in Oconee series, we take a look at Watkinsville Wine, a boutique winery nestled in the beautiful farmland of Oconee County. Owner Nancy Belle Hansford shares her process and her passion for winemaking, as well as her future ambitions.


View Finders Sizzle Reel for National PBS

Back in November of 2023 I attended the annual APT fall marketplace for PBS TV shows out in Palm Springs. This sizzle reel was screened for PBS stations across the country, and was very warmly received. The result? View Finders is now a national PBS show and will begin to air in over 55 million homes in 2024!


Made in Oconee | Episode 2 Girasoles

Girasoles is an excellent fine dining restaurant located in the heart of Watkinsville. Take a look at this episode to learn about Chef Jose and why he loves to cook so much. This was a LOT of fun to film because I got to sample everything you see in this video. It was all exceptional!


Made in Oconee | Episode 1 Farm 441

I have been hard at work developing a new series of videos for the Oconee Welcome Center. These will highlight the many talented people and businesses that are creating really wonderful things within the Oconee community. From wine to soda, from fine dining to a locally owned nursery, there are some wonderful offerings throughout the area and these videos will highlight some of the very best. This one features Farm 441, which offers art, crafts, ice cream, bbq, and a host of other things in addition to the outside nursery. Enjoy!


Caring Hands Classic Golf Tournament | Atlanta Athletic Club

Filming a golf tournament is certainly a challenge because I have to rapidly capture everything I possibly can during the span of a single day. There are no re-shoots or adaptations based on the light or the weather. So it ends up being a lot of fun, a big challenge, and a very interesting day of filming. Doing it at the prestigious Atlanta Athletic Club is certainly an honor, with a beautiful setting on the banks of the Chattahoochee River. I am happy with how this turned out due to a combination of beautiful scenery, music, golf, and narrative storytelling that underscores just how important this tournament is for Presbyterian Homes of Georgia. 


South Main Brewing

When I sat down with Brock and Dutch, the co-owners of the remarkable South Main Brewing in Watkinsville, they communicated exactly what they wanted in this video that celebrates their first anniversary. They wanted to thank the community, and they wanted to emphasize just how important these people are to the brewery and to Oconee County. This video is the result, and I am very happy with how it turned out. It weaves stories into the beer making process and showcases the truly excellent beer that comes out of the heart of Wire Park. 


The Haunting of the Eagle Tavern

This was a very memorable project where I spent a night in the Eagle Tavern with the Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigation team, filming and documenting everything that happened. Also involved were Pam Coronado who had her own show on the Discovery Channel, as well as Jeff Clarke who has hosted many different shows over the years. Tracy Adkins also sat down with me, and she has authored two books on hauntings in the Athens area. This took two months to complete but I’m very happy with how it turned out. It was so well-received that Georgia PBS picked it up and aired it on tv the night before Halloween. 


Visit Oconee Series | Episode 2

Miles of hiking trails, a beautiful paddle down the Oconee, or a trail ride on a Clydesdale horse. Oconee County offers a wide variety of activities for visitors and citizens, and this episode details just a few of those opportunities. It is a culmination of many hours of interviews and travel to locations throughout the county. I really enjoy projects like this because it allows me to combine beautiful visuals with narration and music to create a rich story. 


Welcome Valley Village | Marketing

I really enjoy working with a company to create a beautiful showcase of their product. Such was the case for Timberroot Rustic Retreats, a company that owns several beautiful vacation destinations across the country. I visited their peaceful, idyllic cabins that are nestled on the banks of the Ocoee River, and this was the result. Since the weather didn’t cooperate too much during my stay, I embraced the rain and really tried to convey that even in rainy weather, this is truly a beautiful and relaxing location.


Visit Oconee Series | Episode 1

This is the first episode in a five part series that explores all of the great things that Oconee County has to offer. Created in part with the Oconee County Welcome Center, this episode highlights the unique history of the County through the recreation of a thriving Eagle Tavern back in the 1800s. This was a very complicated production involving lots of interviews and B-roll, but I was able to film and produce the entire thing without any additional assistance. It showcases how I can bring to life YOUR story for your business or organization.


City of Watkinsville | Thomas Farm

When the city of Watkinsville came to me to produce a video that showcases the incredible beauty of this 100-acre farm that will soon be a park, I couldn’t wait to get started. Creating content that features natural beauty, while also telling a story to the viewer, is right up my alley. This is the result, a two minute showcase of some stunning Georgia Piedmont that will offer recreational opportunities to the general public.


RVC Destinations | Hulu Ad

RVC Destinations is a national RV resort company that owns campgrounds throughout the US. They have hired me to photograph a lot of their campgrounds, and now they are having me produce video content for ads that air on Hulu. This is an ad I filmed at their Gulf Shores location that will air to targeted audiences. I was responsible for filming, editing, and finalizing the content and they are very happy with the result.


Hardy Wedding | Rome GA

I love to film content that tells a story, and there is no greater story than two people who are beginning to build a life together. When I was asked to do the video for this wedding, I was excited to capture content that would reflect their love, their family, and the friends who came to support them on their special day. A backdrop of Berry College and downtown Rome added even more to the visual appeal, and this is the result.


View Finders Season 2

I am now filming episodes for season 2 of View Finders, the tv show that I produce. This is a promo I put together to share with sponsors and fans of the show, and it highlights my approach to video production. I like to use beautiful visuals, driven by music, to really support my storytelling.


Caring Hands Golf Classic

I was hired to document this fundraiser at the prestigious Georgia Golf Club in Alpharetta. I spent eight hours capturing every element of the tournament with a combination of drone and traditional footage, including silky smooth slow motion to fully capture the experience of the participants. This was the result, and it showcases a fantastic day at golf at one of the state’s premiere courses.


Blood in My Eyes Music Video 

Update: this video was selected to be screened in the Down East Flick Fest film festival in Greenville, NC. A highly talented band called The Pinkerton Raid hails from North Carolina, and they were on tour during the summer of 2022. Before playing a show in Athens, they wanted to film a music video here to go with one of their songs on their upcoming album. The rich musical history of Athens, along with the beautiful backdrop of the city, all came together for this video that has been considered for film festivals from around the country. I filmed and color graded this video in a way to stylistically complement the lyrics and storyline for the song, and the band is absolutely thrilled with the result.


Presbyterian Homes Athens

This is one of several marketing videos I have created for Presbyterian Homes Athens, a luxury retirement community that is located in Oconee County. They wanted to highlight all of the care and skilled nursing that is available on site for residents, and so I carefully coordinated what they wanted included in the video to ensure all of the amenities were highlighted in a way that kept the viewer interested and engaged. A combination of drone, traditional, and steadicam video production was integrated along with a carefully selected soundtrack that created a positive message for such an important service. The resulting video has been used in various marketing campaigns.


View Finders Promotion

Typically, shows on Georgia PBS rely on the station to create promos that highlight upcoming episodes. I wanted to have more control of the creative process, so I produced all of the promos that appeared both on broadcast TV as well as online. The station was very pleased with each and every one of them, and you can see an example here. This one was not only used by GPB, but it was also featured at the REI Backyard Campout at the Home Depot Backyard next to Mercedez-Benz stadium in downtown Atlanta. It provides an overview of the tv show and the visuals that viewers could expect from each and every episode.