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Why Hire Me?

Simply put: you’re making an investment. I create artistic content that goes above and beyond a typical producer, and I can do it for less money than a production studio or team. I am a one-man show, but I bring tremendous experience to the table. Instead of getting into great detail about why you should reach out to me for your next project, I will let my experience speak for itself.

I am an award-winning photographer. I have authored two books, one of which was a best-seller on Amazon. I created, hosted, produced, and edited a groundbreaking new TV show for PBS. I thrive in creative environments, and I bring ALL of this experience to the table as a single individual, which significantly decreases your costs.


From product shots to portraits, from real estate to weddings, from a President to two books, I have photographed it all. I can create striking images for you no matter what the subject, and I will use my creative eye and professional equipment to ensure you are highly satisfied with the results. If you look around this website you will see my abundant experience with a camera, and I am confident I can deliver incredible results to you no matter what the job entails. 

Video Production

I have produced video content for a wide range of businesses and enterprises, and I do it with creative flair. Very few content producers can claim they created and produced a brand new tv show for broadcast television, but I did exactly just that with the widely acclaimed new PBS series View Finders which premiered in April of 2022. I created the entire show from scratch, so let me use my skills and creativity to address your video production needs.

Virtual Tours

I have a Matterport 2 Pro camera that creates incredible virtual tours of any business or residence. This cutting edge technology allows visitors to your website or real estate listing to virtually walk around the area and view all of it in stunning detail and clarity. They can even take measurements of rooms or spaces to make sure it meets their needs.

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