One on One

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I’m very excited to now offer customized, virtual workshops through Zoom. I will meet with you at a time that is convenient to you and answer ALL of your questions regarding photography and post-processing. I can walk you through the essentials of Lightroom or show you how to do advanced-level edits in Photoshop that involve blending exposures, focus stacking, luminosity masking, editing specific colors, and advanced uses of the clone tool to remove imperfections from your images. No matter what you need to learn about, I can teach you, and we will share our screens so that you can edit your images and follow along with me. Yes, I realize that much of this information is available through YouTube, however after watching tutorials you will likely have plenty of questions. I can save you a tremendous amount of time by answering those questions and explaining things in a way that makes sense. Even better? We will record the session so that you can reference it down the road in case you forget some of what we discussed. I am looking forward to helping you really expand your knowledge and skills with photography!

After you purchase the workshop, I will email you to arrange a time that suits your schedule.


I offer personalized sessions that are custom-tailored to what you want to learn. I will meet you (and up to 2 others) at a gorgeous location in Georgia to do some field-based photography and then show you a wide range of editing tips and tricks to make your photos come alive in Lightroom and Photoshop. Pricing begins at $200 (minimum 2 hour workshop), but please contact me for more details.