Georgia Discovered


Georgia Discovered: Exploring the Best of the Peach State

Now Available!

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I am excited to announce that my book is now available! The book is published by Globe Pequot and can be ordered from all of your favorite bookstores, including local brick-and-mortar locations.

Back in November of last year, Globe Pequot reached out to me to see if I would be interested in writing and photographing a travel book on the state of Georgia. It was going to be quite an undertaking considering all of my normal responsibilities, but it was a fantastic opportunity so I decided I had to make it work. What ensued was hundreds, if not thousands, of hours writing, driving, researching, photographing, and editing to bring this book to life. I am proud of it, and it includes over 250 images from all over this beautiful state. I believe it will be a unique offering in the world of travel books because the majority of the photos are fine art, as compared to most travel books that offer more of a snapshot style of photography. I have taken every photo in the book and I wrote every word, so this has been quite an undertaking! Of course I couldn’t have made this happen without my editor Amy Lyons as well as the rest of the production team at Globe Pequot who designed the cover, copy edited everything, and spent a great deal of time perfecting the layout. 

I encourage you to order this book if it at all interests you. I am proud of it and I truly believe you will learn a lot about Georgia and find quite a few places you would like to visit.